Brent A. Kaplan, MA

Brent Kaplan is a fifth year doctoral student. He earned his Bachelor’s degree with majors in Psychology and Applied Behavioral Science, as well as his Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the University of Kansas. Brent has published on the topics of behavioral economic demand and discounting. For his dissertation, he is examining the statistical properties of behavioral economic demand curves. Other interests of his include using behavioral economics to inform public policy and creating software programs to aid in data analysis. Upon graduating, Brent hopes to work as a research scientist or faculty member and continue using behavioral economics to find pragmatic solutions to problems of societal importance. Outside of research, Brent works part-time as a professional dog trainer at Beyond the Dog, LLC and in his free time enjoys playing basketball, watching Formula 1, and spending time with Kirby, his labrador retriever.     ResearchGate      Google Scholar

research collaborators

christopher cintron

is a junior studying basic research in applied behavioral science at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. He is highly involved in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science. He has participated in multiple studies ranging in topics from the matching law to delay discounting. His current independent studies include game theory and statistical programming. Christopher has not decided on a career path as of yet, but he is very interested in topics such as big data, information aggregation, and the quantitative analysis involved in these academic areas.

devin orlando

is a senior at the University of Kansas majoring in applied behavioral science and minoring in business. As a research assistant in the Applied Behavioral Economics Lab, Devin has assisted a graduate student with his tanning study and has even contributed in authorship on two posters that were presented at professional conferences. Upon graduating Devin hopes to find a job he enjoys and hopes to work with people with similar goals as his and continue to learn as much as he can.

Amel Becirevic, MA

Amel Becirevic is a fourth year doctoral student. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. As a doctoral student, Amel has published on a variety of topics including behavioral economics, the representation of behavior analysis in the public domain, and yes, ultra-violet indoor tanning. His thesis investigates the effects of cues on tanning demand and craving. Amel’s other interests include debunking tanning-related myths and disseminating behavioral science. He is also very passionate about teaching. His long term goal is to secure a position at a research university. In his free time, Amel likes to jam to 80’s and 90’s tunes, watch Netflix, and enjoys frequenting coffee shops with friends to discuss current events and pretty much all things related to science.


Undergraduate research assistants

Gideon Naudé, BA
Gideon Naudé is a second year doctoral student. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Applied Behavioral Science from the University of Kansas. His Master’s thesis will be investigating the role of screen media on self-control behavior in young children. He currently serves as student representative for Cans for the Community, a local organization that contributes proceeds from recycled aluminum to non-profits in and around Douglas County. Gideon’s other research interests include behavioral economic predictors of problem behaviors, effects of temporal framing on episodic future thinking, and bibliometric analysis. Upon graduating with his PhD, Gideon hopes to take a position at a research institution, devoting his time to translational inquiry on systems contributing to unhealthy decision making. In his free time, Gideon enjoys playing music, swimming, and adventuring with his young son.

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Derek D Reed, PhD, BCBA-D
Director, Applied Behavioral Economics Laboratory

Dr. Derek Reed is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Kansas where he directs the Applied Behavioral Economics Laboratory. Derek received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Illinois State University and his PhD in School Psychology from Syracuse University. He serves as Associate Editor for The Psychological Record and previously served as Associated Editor for Behavior Analysis in Practice and Guest Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, in addition to serving on the editorial boards of The Behavior Analyst and Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. Derek has published over 65 peer reviewed papers and book chapters, three edited books, and conducted over 100 presentations and posters. He serves on the ABAI Science Board, was previously the President of the Mid-American Association for Behavior Analysis and is presently Executive Director of the Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior.          ResearchGate      Google Scholar

william gormley

is a junior at The University of Kansas and is double majoring in psychology and applied behavioral science. Once he graduates from KU, he plans on getting accepted into a PhD program and obtaining his PhD in Clinical Psychology. As a Clinical Psychologist, William wants to work with individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as well as substance-abuse disorders. As a research assistant in the Applied Behavioral Economics Laboratory, William has studied the concept of delayed discounting to get a better understanding of impulsivity and its role in decision making. Before graduating from KU, William hopes to complete his own study by using delay discounting models to compare addictions to prescription drugs and illicit street drugs. In his free time, William likes to hang out with friends, go to the gym, and play sports.

shelby slater

a Kansas City native, is a senior undergraduate student at The University of Kansas. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science and Psychology, along with a minor in business. Shelby loves working as a research assistant in the Behavioral Economics Lab and The Center of Applied Neuroeconomics.  Outside of school, Shelby enjoys volunteering at animal shelters. She has also spent the majority of her life racing motocross, running cross-country, and playing sports.

Brett w. gelino, BS

Brett Gelino is a first year doctoral student. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Eastern Connecticut State University. As a researcher, Brett looks to focus on problems related to Global Climate Change, and hopes to investigate means by which he can promote more sustainable behaviors in the general population. In particular, he hopes to target domains such as: transportation systems, resource consumption, and waste management. Other areas of interest include alcohol/drug use and its related effects on driving, judgement, etc., and the application of behavioral economics principles to novel situations as a descriptive and predictive tool. Upon receiving his degree, Brett hopes to secure a position at a sustainability-focused research institution, or as a faculty member at a research-focused university. In his free time, Brett enjoys being outdoors, exploring new music, and cooking new foods.